Violet Flame Healing Meditation

The Violet Flame is a very ancient healing energy. You can use it to heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. 

This BRAND NEW meditation works with your body’s own healing energies and draws on the healing energies of the universe.  Click here to download yours now.

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Your mind is incredibly powerful.  Just relax and allow these soothing words to help you tap into your natural healing abilities. 

This meditation can support and enhance any medical treatment or therapy you are using. 

The Violet Flame can bring loving, healing energy into your body, mind and emotions.  

The Violet Flame can help you to heal pain or trauma from the past. This journey can help you to grow and enhance your life force energy. Click here to order yours now.

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More Healing Audios by Zhana

More healing audios in this series include: 

  • Eliminating Blocks and Obstacles
  • Finding Answers
  • Healing the Past
  • Financial Healing

See below for details . 

Eliminating Blocks and Obstacles (Coming Soon!)

If you believe someone or something is getting in your way and stopping you from achieving your goals, it could be a person, it could be a situation – whatever it is, if someone or something outside of you is blocking you in some way, you also have an internal block – an inner block. Once you dissolve and remove this inner block, you can remove what is blocking you from achieving your goals.

Learn to attract whatever you want.

Want an audio journey that is specifically tailored to your needs?  Go here for info about Personalized Healing Audios by Zhana and go here to order yours now

Finding Answers (Coming Soon!)

Have you ever had a problem to which you cannot find the solution, or a question to which you are struggling to find the answer?  If so, this journey can help you.

Your Higher Self is the source of your inner guidance – your connection with the universe – universal love, healing and wisdom. This is your connection with your own deep-seated wisdom. “Finding Answers” can help you to strengthen your relationship with your Higher Self. 

It is recommended that you also download the “Eliminating Blocks and Obstacles” audio. These two audios combined offer you powerful tools for achieving your goals.

If you want  to develop your intuition to find answers to your questions about your past, present or future, this journey can help you.

Coming soonHealing the Past

Coming soonFinancial Healing 

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