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Do you suffer from debt problems or other financial issues and pressures?

We each have a financial script running in our unconscious minds. Our individual financial scripts determine our relationships with money, finances, spending and saving, giving and receiving.

Financial problems tend to be tied up with emotional problems. Thus, financial difficulties are usually emotional difficulties. Remove the emotional blocks and you can begin to change your financial life.

Most financial problems are linked to problems from the past, often to incidents or patterns from childhood.

Your financial problems will not necessarily disappear from your use of this recording, but it will help you to begin to dissolve them.  And the more you can get clear on what is causing your difficulties, the more you can begin to rewrite your financial script. This can lead to amazing changes in your relationship with money and your financial life.

A personalized financial healing meditation can help you to embed your new financial script in your unconscious mind. 

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