Guided Visualization: Your Key to Power

The Power of The Unconscious Mind

  Did you know that, if you glance at a sheet of paper, in a book or magazine, for example, you can, in the right circumstances, recall every single word? And you don’t even realize it. Because this ability is unconscious. Your unconscious mind is always on the case.

Your unconscious mind keeps your heart pumping and your blood circulating. You don’t need to concentrate or even think about it – your unconscious mind has it!

Your mind is incredibly powerful. Your imagination is incredibly powerful. Your unconscious mind can do amazing things.

If you want to bring about positive changes in your life, guided visualization is one of the most powerful methods you can use.

How Visualization Works

Did you know that children have been taught to reduce and eliminate their cancer cells and tumours through using guided visualization?

Guided visualization is a way of painting pictures in your mind.

The more vivid these pictures are, the more effective they are at helping you get the results you want.

Visualizing your desired outcome allows you to communicate with the mind in the language that the mind uses – the language of images. The unconscious mind is incredibly powerful and is totally literal – it believes what it is told.

Anything your mind pictures, any image, goes into your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is very literal, which means it CANNOT distinguish between fantasy and reality. When we see images, the unconscious mind thinks these images are real – whether they are or not. This is why horror movies can scare us – to the unconscious mind, the pictures on the screen appear real, when we are really sitting safely in a room, watching a screen.

Although it is amazing, the unconscious mind is very literal. That’s why visualization can help you to achieve your goals.

You can apply guided visualization to many different areas of your life, including, for example:

  • money and finances,
  • work and career,
  • home life,
  • relationships, and
  • health. 

This is because THE MIND EXPERIENCES WHAT YOU VISUALIZE AS REAL. It does not distinguish between the real and the imagined.

With visualization, you can bypass your usual thought processes to arrive at your destination much more quickly.

Say you want to have more money in your life. Or you want to buy something, like a car or a great vacation.

If you want to be healthier and fitter, guided visualization can help with this as well.

Visualization is a kind of energy healing – it adds positive energy to your desired goal or outcome.

The Difference between Guided Visualization and Creative Visualization

With guided visualization, you just relax and are guided through a journey in which you picture yourself attaining desired outcome.

When you listen to the sound of my voice in one of my guided visualizations, you are taken on a journey which allows you to access the amazing power of your own mind. Picturing in your mind what you want to achieve can help you to draw it to you more quickly.

If you have trouble visualizing, or even if you don’t, you can use creative visualization – CREATE in your mind the vision you want to achieve. .

Vision Boards/Treasure Maps

Vision boards are a powerful way of using creative visualization.

A vision board is a collage in which you include images and words that motivate and inspire you. Your vision board will be unique to you – your unique vision.

Vision boards are sometimes called treasure maps. I have shared this powerful method with my students for many years and they have used it to help move themselves toward their goals.

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Visualization for Health and Healing

The more you picture the different parts of your body as healthy and functioning at peak perfection, the more likely you are to attract radiant health.

Visualization can help you to increase your body’s ability to heal itself, rejuvenate your healthy cells and eliminate any damaged or diseased cells in your body.

Guided visualizations are NOT a substitute for medical care, but they can stengthen and support the treatment or therapy you are receiving. They can also help you to let go of pain and trauma from the past. Emotional trauma can often be connected to physical illness.

As I said in my ebook The Key to Everything, guided visualization has been used to cure children of cancer. What you picture in your mind can change your life.

A guided visualisation such as my Violet Flame Healing Meditation can help you to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. The Violet Flame transmutes negativity into positivity.

Eliminating Blocks and Obstacles

Whenever we experience someone or something blocking us, we also have inner blocks inside of us.

If you have trouble picturing what you want to attract, you may first need to let go of negative images. A guided visualization can help you to let go of old, negative images that don’t serve you, and develop positive images of achieving your goals and having the life you deserve.

Whatever thoughts we put into the unconscious mind, it soaks up like a sponge. We can use this to our advantage by putting in the suggestions we want to emphasize.

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Here’s to your success!

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Zhana is an author, publisher and Transformational Growth Consultant who has spent many years helping people to bring about positive changes in their lives.  She is a Reiki Master and Seichem Master, and a committed Buddhist.  Zhana also hosts the annual Blogging Carnival for Nonviolence.